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The First World War throws a wrench into Arturs' love story, which is just sixteen years old at the time. After suffering the loss of both his mother and his home, he takes some solace in the fact that he would be able to serve in the army as a member of a national unit for the very first time in the history of the Russian Empire. But the reality of combat is nothing like what Arturs had anticipated; there is no glory, and there is no justice. It is a savage and excruciating experience. As a result of the conflict, Arturs is left completely by himself after the deaths of both his father and brother. Additionally, there has been no advancement made toward the promised speedy conclusion of the conflict or early return to home. Arturs finds the strength he needs to win the final battle and eventually returns home to start everything over, just like his newly born country, in the same way that he believes that no one else besides himself cares about going back to his homeland and that it is nothing more than a playground for other countries.
Duration: 124 min
Country: Latvia

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